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To apply, please complete this employment application form.

All fields are required for applications to be reviewed.

This is a lengthy application meant to serve as an initial mini-interview. All applications are reviewed and responded to within 1-2 weeks. If you don't hear from us after that time, feel free to call/email to confirm we received your application.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, age, or veteran status.

Please note: It's best to complete this application on a reliable computer with solid internet access to avoid losing data and having to redo the form. It is also a good idea to periodically save your progress by checking the box above to save the form. For assistance email

Wildland Trekking insurance provider requires verification of being 21 years of age or older.
We are currently not able to sponsor visa applications to work in the United States. Feel free to apply in the future if you become eligible to work in the U.S.
Note: If hired, a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, must be completed at the start of employment. 
Guiding a vast majority of our trips requires a valid Driver's License.
Click into each field below to see the specific question being asked.

Our guides drive guests to and from trailheads for some trips. Tell us about your driving record including tickets, DUI’s, accidents, etc that could limit our insurance from covering you on our policy.
Some states require a drug test to operate a vehicle.
Report results don't necessarily preclude employment.


Wildland Trekking requires all Multi-Day Guides to have at least a Wilderness First Responder Certification (WFR). We accept WFR courses that are 70-80 hours of in-person curriculum, that includes written examination and practicals (or hybrid as long as at least 50% of in-person hours). If you have a question on whether your certification is accepted (hybrid courses), please email

EMT certifications are accepted in place of WFR as they are a higher level of care. We do not accept OEC certifications in place of WFR.

Wildland Trekking requires all Day-Hike Guides to have at least a Wilderness First Aid Certification (WFA).

After considerable deliberation, Wildland Trekking and Wildland Llamas has decided to internally mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, in any state where permissible by law. The company mandate will allow for vaccination exemptions for medical or religious reasons. This requirement is applicable to all Wildland front-line staff including guides. Please visit the Operation Guidelines page on our website for more information about COVID-19 policies for guests. If selected for an interview, we are happy to discuss further.  

Click into each field below to see the question being asked.

List your last 3 employers and positions held, the dates you worked with each employer, and why you left (if no longer employed). If your guiding work pre-dates your 3 most recent employment, please make sure to feature all your guiding work. Possibility to attach a resume for more details at the end of this page.
Approximately how many days have you guided or instructed backpacking trips (not including day hikes or leading friends/family)?
Approximately how many days have you guided or instructed day or front country camping trips (not including leading friends/family)?
Please provide additional details regarding your professional experience in guiding and/or outdoor education. Specify how many days you worked as a solo guide vs co-guide (please differentiate backcountry and front-country, multi-day vs single day). If co-guiding, were you working under a lead guide? Or were you the lead guide? Include any trips/routes that you have done that Wildland Trekking offers.

Approximately how many days have you spent on personal backcountry hiking trips (not including day hiking or car camping)?
Outline in detail your personal backpacking, hiking, and expedition experience. Include any trips/routes that you have done that Wildland Trekking offers.

Tell us more: 

Have you taught any of the following topics: Ecology, geology, natural history, plant/animal/track/scat identification, history, etc? If so, please outline the types of information taught and how this relates to the program area(s) you are applying, if applicable.

Which trip styles (day hikes, lodge-based, base-camp, llama trips, backpacking trips) are you MOST interested/competent in leading? Which trip styles are you LEAST interested/qualified for? Refer to our website to learn more about our trip styles.

What is your professional plan for the next 5 years?

TWO-PART QUESTION: How long can you commit to guiding for Wildland Trekking? When during the year would you be available to guide and how often?
Additional Questions

List your highest level of education, earned degrees, and relevant certifications.

Why do you want to work for The Wildland Trekking Company?

What personality traits or qualities do you possess that would make you an exceptional guide?

Please describe the dinner menu you would serve on night 3 of a 4-day backpacking trip, to a group of 5 clients.

Give at least one example in which as a leader of others in a backcountry setting, you assessed and managed a potentially hazardous situation?

What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of being a guide?

For those interested in a guiding job: Are you able to lift and carry for several hours a day and multiple days in a row a backpack weighing 40-75 pounds? Are you able to manage loads of the same weight?

List all gear you own/use that is pertinent to being a guide.

Please describe your professional driving experience (a job in which you drove passengers, not just cargo). How many years and months have you driven professionally? What types of commercial vehicles have you driven? Did you tow a trailer? Do you have a CDL?

Do you own a reliable vehicle to get to work?
What languages do you speak either fluently or conversationally?

Do you know anyone that works or has worked for The Wildland Trekking Company?

How did you find out about The Wildland Trekking Company?

List name, email address and association of 3 professional references not related to you. Ideally, those are from previous managers in previous guiding roles. Supervisors in outdoor education, customer service, conservation work, teaching or any other position relating to the guiding work are helpful.

Anything else you would like to add?

You have the option to upload your resume here.

By clicking the "Submit" button below I attest to the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided above. I understand that The Wildland Trekking Company may take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, at any time should any of the information provided prove to be false or misleading.