Covid International Travel Update: Due to frequently changing border policies, travel restrictions, and general disruption to international travel due to the current global pandemic your trip is not fully confirmed. We are monitoring the situation closely in this destination and will be in contact with pertinent information regarding travel to this location as it develops. Please hold off on booking your travel or paying your final balance until we have fully confirmed this trip will run as scheduled. We plan to make a final decision on this trip's departure no later than 45 days prior to the trip start date. Thank you for your understanding and patience in these challenging times.
Border Policy Disclaimer: Due to constantly changing border policies, travel restrictions, and general disruption to international travel due to the current global pandemic we are asking all guests traveling internationally to be personally responsible for researching the travel requirements to this trip's destination. This includes requirements for arrival as well as requirements for returning to your country of origin. In most cases, travelers who are fully vaccinated and/or fully recovered from a previous Covid-19 infection will be subject to fewer border policy rules, restrictions, or access issues. It is recommended by the CDC that all international travelers be fully vaccinated. Furthermore, travelers who are not fully vaccinated or fully recovered from a previous Covid-19 infection may be prohibited from entering the desired trip's country. You may find the resources below helpful in your research. We're happy to answer additional questions to the best of our ability, however please understand our knowledge is limited to these resources.
  • Please click here for current details and information on the entry requirements and bio-security for all destinations from the US State Department.
  • Please click here for US arrival testing policy.
  • Another good resource will be the airline you are using. Many airlines have up-to-date travel requirements for their destinations or requirements tailored to your specific itinerary.
To register for the trip above we need valid email addresses and birthdays for group members traveling with you. Multi-day hikes require a $250 per person deposit to secure your spot ($300/person for Inca Trail trips). Day hikes and trips less than 60 days out require full payment. If your party is larger than the space available or larger than 5 people please call us at 800-715-4453 or +1-928-223-4453 (HIKE) or email us. Also please contact us if you would like to modify an existing reservation. Thank you!

Note: Children 12 and under are not eligible for online registration - please call us if you have children this age.
Heat Warning: This is a summer trip in the desert which means extreme heat is a possibility. Please ensure you understand how to prepare for the heat by reading this page on our website. If you doubt your ability to prepare for a summer trip in the desert please call or email us and we'll help you find the right trip.


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